About Us

Plastic surgery department has long played an important role at Ain Shams University Demerdash Hospitals. It is the first specialized department for plastic surgery in Middle East and Africa constructed. It was instructed in 1957 by Prof. Dr. Nader Sweilam. Now it is one of the most developed departments in Ain Shams University, which geared all efforts towards having professional medical generations.

  • Plastic Surgery Unit

    It offers multidisciplinary team approach to manage wide spectrum of medical and surgical conditions

  • Treat burns unit

    Specialized burn unit is associated to our department offering systematic approach to manage burn patient. Beginning from the stage of acute burn passing through old cases burn, ending to the stage of patient rehabilitate to restore pre injury form and function.

  • Educational services

    Modern education methods are used for transmission of clinical expertise

  • Charitable Giving

    We aim excellence in health care with more academic medical development. We care about our patients. With your contribution, our department surgeons can continue their efforts to advance medical practice and education also they continue to help our patients to regain their normal lives and social participation.

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    Weekly meeting

    our weekly meeting on sunday master diss
    When: Thu June 19 2014 08:0013:00
    Where: Dr Hassan Badran Hall at Burn unit

    Annual meeting

    our annually meeting every year’s end
    When: Tue September 9 2014 13:4514:45
    Where: Ain shams universty

    The principles of micro-surgery and its different uses

    Lectures on micro-surgery and its uses, offer a number of educational films, in addition to the student intensive practical training on the use of the surgical microscope
    When: Sat September 13 2014 09:00Thu September 18 15:00
    Where: Plastic and reconstruction surgery dep. Ain shams Univ.